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ams said:

What is the secret for posting multiple pics?


Its Not that hard, if you are linking from another site its easier then if you are hosting the picture here but it still isn't that difficult. You just have to put each post up one at a time into your post. If hosted off site just put in the url of the picture. If you are hosting it here you will either have to have multiple folders because after 2 or 3 pictures it will not register your upload to the site into the same folder. Or you need to put up 2 or 3 images, and come back later edit your post and put up 2 or 3 more. I have multiple folders but that is because when I was experimenting when Jeff first open things here I did sometime I don't know what, that caused it to automatically create something like 10 folders so since I have them I use them. Though it looks like it is rather easy to create extra folders on the 3rd tab of the window where you insert the picture into your posts.