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Herr D

**foot as wing, ear as head, wing as talon.

This is a predator from the binary system GL450926. Their planetoid belt is not a belt, per se, because the freakish orbit is in an ellipse approximately equidistant from both suns on a constant basis. The result is that the planetoids never get more than a standard M-class planetary diameter apart. So this shattered planet just keeps orbiting, and more than ninety percent of it’s mass can keep a minimal atmosphere. Nothing roosts for long, because if it does, it either revolves with the planetoid it’s on to the wrong sunside and chars or tumbles with the planetoid to the parts of the atmosphere that freeze solid. Most of them can carry their young to another planetoid or bury them deep enough that the volcanic activity can maintain them. Naturalists’ tags have essentially proven that good timing is not an inheritable trait.
Tourists usually call these predators ‘scarbirds’ because they constantly tear furrows to sharpen their talons.

Uh. I can inform you that luggage is NOT sturdy enough to survive them.

The prey are Bloogeyfubbers, essentially the local equivalent of fruitbats. Of course, the fruit (Tradsh) crawls, and it’s vines are like razor wire–so by extension, everyone should understand that all tourists were required to demonstrate proficiency with armored spacesuits and chemical repulsors.

I only went back outside to get the remains of the luggage I dropped between shuttles.