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Ouch, sorry for not judging, man. Anywho, on a late note, that guy right there is the epitome of creepiness. Then again, sleep is for the weak.
Now, here’s my counterattack.
Bi’Zarrus, bizarre by name and by nature, is an intergalactic invader. No one knows exactly WHAT he is, but he is one thing for sure- bizarre. He and his army of psychotic lizards have, uptill now, conquered 1.035 planets, out of which one is a barren sand world with the average temperature of 613 Celsius, and 0.035 is a small warehouse on a tiny abandoning mining. The rest of the planet cannot be conquered due to high level of anti-lizard friendly gasses. His arms have no joints so he can’t reach for his weapons- his hovering lower cyborg body malfunctions at awkward times- his eyes are located very awkwardly- his nose is alergic to his lizard army- he has no ears, and due to the lack of a butt, he has a permanent burping issues. Only heaven knows how he got into the armor in the first place.
On the other hand, he is very good at singing.