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Herr D

Belated thanx to Keric . . . Riala’s anti-flashdance moment was a fun one to create.
Good turnout this week. Smile
Keric’s Sharkie, mattisagamer’s Jester, RobM’s SlotM

Story score: S0…..J4…..M0
Bkgd score: S0…..J0…..M4
Item head: S2….J3…..M3
Item legw: S4…..J4….M5
Item handle: S4….J4…..M2
Bells: S5….J4…..M4
Whistles: S3….J4.5..M5
Items-story: S7….J8…..M8
Emotional: S7.5..J8.5..M10

For the story and background part of the rubric, the scoring was easy. Two entries of each had none; the other entry in each category was good and appropriate. Individually, using a head as a head and a handle as a handle was okay, but ‘misuses’ are greatly loved by yours truly. The next tier up of creativity was using a head upside-down as a head or as a picture of a head. The next tier was using the legwear item as ‘epaulets’ and the handle as batons and scroll parts. The only excellent item score was the legwear item used to make coin takers.
Sharkie looks like he’d lead his band pretty well. B & W categories showed the speed Keric posted with. He would’ve tied Jester if the hands had been masked better. (That hat and uniform went well. K’s fashion sense kept the scores fairly high.) Jester’s card motley and meaningful scroll were a great composition. SlotM had an unusual level of combined realism and glitz that looked really Vegas and took the combined B & W.
I considered adding a category for other creatively used items because SlotM includes a hammer head as buttons, something I haven’t identified as the winnings feed, several misused background items, and something I haven’t identified as the sheen on the glass front (mountain?) Also Jester’s eyes might have qualified for notice there? Not sure what they were.
In the end, though, I didn’t add the category. It was covered another way. Under emotional. Sharkie gave me a big smile. Jester gave me a big smile and appealed to my bias for supporting this contest. SlotM made me LAUGH, and THEN made me smile over the additional misuses. THEN I smiled again over the following notion–“Win a sawbuck with three hammerheads! Play SHARK ATTACK!” Did you plan that, RobM? Was the winnings feed a t.v.? Was the sheen mountains? Tune in and give us three, RobM!

Btw, I hope to eventually see the rest of Sharkie’s band and Jester do some frolicking–particularly because he reminds me a little of Grimace from the old McDonald’s gang. Is he a mer-blob for underwater card sharks? That tail . . .