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Herr D

@Herr D said:

Okay–if 2 people vote here, saying they want different items, and no one votes against before I check in here again, I’ll choose 3 others. Otherwise, I’m extending these 3 items to 2/5/14, when I’ll judge.

Here’s hoping that people are scrambling with the FNF’s that I may not have time to enter or are having trouble finding ‘machining time for scheduling around things like the Superbowl or snow-shoveling like our recent six-day weekend here in the DC area. [ducks as native of Montana throws rotten cabbage] Well? Not every local government can handle snow! Our local resources aren’t geared toward that! We normally handle those national, federal things h- [stops, looks around, realizes what that sounds like] We’ll WORK on it, ALRIGHT? Or, I will as soon as someone starts paying me again. Yell

Okay–lets try once more. Same items. 2/13/14 to judge.