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Herr D

@Kaylin88100 said:

Very nice! I especially like the binoculars – it seems like that part was made to be used that way! The bikini is slightly more obvious that it’s been appropriated, but still good. The only problem is that I can’t actually see the shoe – if it’s on there, it’s been cut off! Can you take a screenshot or something that shows more of the image?

Glad you like. Smile I actually used the shoe rather subtly as legwear. Twice, with only one color above 0% as parts of the bikini bottom, and once, slightly stretched, as the guy’s fly. Artistically both humans were just kicked in the crotch. [Yell] Those jeans are difficult to make work in a 3/4 pose unless you mask each side and then build a fly. I think I made him too spread-eagled. Cool that you didn’t notice the laces!