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Herr D

Okay: Both entries were absolutely huge.
Maaz went with the liquid monster and wrote a good story to go with the pic. If there is a flaw, it’s not the pic itself, but it was harder to find the items. Looks nice and organic. I love alternate anatomies–I’d like to see more liquid monsters! Maaz you did good. Keric went with the solar-system-sized supernatural being, and I don’t normally like those massive things.
But–it wasn’t bashing planets to bits or grossly overpowering bad guys–it was playing! Just a light-year-tall, fun-loving dude who can juggle planets, whatever without atomizing them or wiping people out. It somehow keeps them intact while playing, meaning it’s beyond physics, or supernatural. I can just imagine the faces of the crew of the ship firing at him, while their weapons probably can’t do anything at all to him or even to what he’s juggling. I have a whole story in the pic and title alone.

I gotta give this one to Keric. Pick your three, and congrats, man. Funny I didn’t think of that belt as a ship till you did it.