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Hello AGAIN, people! So… yeah, I only got 2 entries. So I’m going to choose one of them. Duh.
Well, let’s compare the two pieces, aye? Both of you guys used the skull shoulder as a female top… which frankly took me by surprise. Both of you guys, come to think of it, made smokin’ hot chicks. Keric used the big rocky thing as, well, a big rocky thing. Meanwhile, Herr D managed to make a big rocky thing took appetizing in his cake or what ever that is. And while Keric’s piece had the fanged moths used very nicely as accesories (belt and necklace), I was amazed by Herr D’s very unique takes on the fangs, on both the whipped cream (yum!) and the fork.
I think all of the Machiners around can make stunning pics. But for me, the beauty of this contest is that creativity is more important than any fancy finishing. While both were very nice pieces, I consider Herr D to have pulled the creaivity bit just a slight morsel better. It was an expressive work of art and it just won you this round. Goodjob, choose yer parts, and think this as a bribe for making me win next time *Put away the pitchforks and torches, people; I was joking*