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As the Greek Gods passed their powers on to a new generation the Egyptian and Norse Gods did as well. The new Egyptians Gods aren’t as animalistic as there predecessors but just as powerful but just as any other person taking up an old mantle they are going to look different and the same is with gods. Donald Lawson was on his way to the court to defend a client he knew was guilty and hoping karma would come back and bite that man in the hindquarters. A jackal appeared out of nowhere and bit Donald instead of pain Donald felt great power flowing through him gaining the powers of Anubis the Egyptian God of the dead and embalming. In the courtroom his client sat there with a smug look on his face thinking about getting away with over twenty murders. Donald could see the man’s heavy heart and ripped it out of his chest instantly embalming the man and causing the heart to burst into flames.
This is a work in progress so let me know what you think about the design and back-story.