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Gordon Reed was just like any other college student until he met Vorcha’ne an alien superhero wounded in battle that told him that Gordon and his friends were destine to be the new Power Stone Corps. Vorcha’ne took them to Peblos and showed them the Stone of Power as he died the stone granted each one of the students with powers when they touched a certain color on the stone. After each one got their powers there were two colors not touched brown and black which the stone said was unimportant at the time. The stone sent them back to Earth to train to defeat Dark Matter. Gordon became the Red Power Stone and could fire red energy blast, fly, breath in space, translate any language, and control fire. As they trained more and more was revealed about the past of the Power Stone Corps and Dark Matter. The group would face huge challenges that Dark Matter threw at them hoping they would die he even turned their best friend into the evil Parasite. Parasite would become the Power Stone Corps. greatest enemy in and out of uniform on Earth.