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On Earth 3 an event happen that changed that world forever. During the Kronosian War Nighthawk of Earth 3 died in the first conflict being killed by Kronos himself this caused the timeline to shift of that of Earth 1. Due to the death of one human that on Earth 1 was able to convince Ajax to do the what needed to be done and teleport both Kronos and himself to a planet made Paradoxium the rarest mineral in the galaxy which unfortunately three pieces were on Earth one held by Ajax, Kronos, and Nighthawk. On Earth 3 however no one talked Ajax into this dissension and the war continued four years longer than that of Earth 1’s. The skies were half clear,blue and sunny and the other half was dark, cloudy, and chaotic. It rained everyday during the war yet each day there was a drought or a flood. Finally the force of good were defeated by the forces of evil. Kronos ended the battle by stabbing Ajax in the chest with his broken spear of Paradoxium. After that the he reshaped the Earth into his on chaotic image and slowly killing off every superhero that ever lived. Kronos made his capital in Saint City where he had killed Nighthawk in the very first battle renaming the town Nighthawk Falls. Years later most of the regular people had died due to the crime, insanity, rebellions, or just to amuse Kronos. Kronos then made billions of clones each one with a different personality to rule over. One clone however had a heroic personality and powers of an atomic bomb, he decided that what Kronos was doing was wrong and found the last remaining piece of Paradoxium donning the late Nighthawk’s costume he made his way to Kronos’ palace and supercharged the Paradoxium as Nighthawk Falls became a crater Kronos killed the rebel and ruled to this day bringing some of the heroes back alive just to kill them in new and exciting ways.