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This is all incredibly interesting! Can I throw my humble hat into the ring?

For rebirth as a savior:
Codename: Mindwave
Identity: Tariq Kakazai
Abilties: Telepathy, which he mainly uses to project powerful waves of psionic energy that overload a target’s nervous system. Can also read minds, project realistic illusions, plant subconscious suggestions, and erase a person’s memories. He has telekinesis but it is very unrefined and he can only use it briefly to lift objects or project brute force.
Affiliation: Posthuman superhero

As a hero to combat the Saviorts
Codename: Nexus
Identity: Ulises Monroy
Abilities: Half demon/half-angel heritage gives him vast magical potential. He can warp reality within a limited radius of his person, distorting gravity, space-time, and other natural laws. Overuse of his powers wears out his mortal body. He’s a practiced sorcerer which gives him the ability to levitate and fire off bursts of eldritch energy.
Affiliation: Guardian of the physical plane of existence