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The Atomic Punk

@nathanyael said:

Hey guys, just give me one comment on the Conjuration pic…. Don’t ignore me!!!! Sniff…..

I say this honestly, and as advice to everyone who reads this. Begging is not the way to get attention. Just because there are no comments does not mean people are not viewing and admiring your creations. (Wow, that’s a lot of negatives for a sentence meant to be positive.) This is why I want Jeff to bring back the “thumbs up” / “Like” button. An instant poll would go a long way to placate egos.

After all that harsh lecturing, I will comment. I like Conjuration. The color-scheme really pops. The green comes across as manna and a great balance of Zypping. The face in the smoke is a little distracting. Maybe tone it down by adjusting the color Alpha. The same for the black cloud at her feet. Make it a little more transparent to match the red smoke.