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“Whether drugs or guns, these people will kill themselves and each other either way. I just supply both means.” Such is the mind of Pietro Zignewski, Mr. Zigg to his underlings. When asked about the scar on his cheek, his only reply is, “I should have killed that bitch!” He is the one behind the flow of crack cocaine, heroin and guns in Brooklyn’s minority neighborhoods. A coldhearted, calculating businessman, Zignewski is an old school Polish immigrant who lived in East New York back in the days when the neighborhood was more integrated with Polish, Russian and German immigrants. As more Blacks and Hispanics came into the neighborhood, his prejudice for non-white minorities grew and through association with Russian mobsters who admired the tough old school kid, he grew into the crime Lord he is today. His days of killing Blacks and Hispanics with his particular brand of poison are numbered, if the Urban Soul Patrol has anything to say about it, especially Basher, who will not share her reason for her particularly deep hatred for this man.