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Thanks, Stulte. I’m really satisfied with how the beard I made came out, but as I look at the overall I see where I could have done more to age the face. Haven’t done much in the way of enemies, so here is one for the Cosmic Protectorate. Coming from a planet on the other side of the Milky Way, unknown to Earth, the Ga’ atbq (pronounced ga-Ott-back), are a carnivorous, amphibian race. Highly territorial and primitive in their societal culture, they are surprisingly very technologically advanced. Due to over-population and depletion of resources, they travel the galaxy seeking out planets with water to colonize. In Earth, they feel they have found the perfect new home and food source, (the human race). Thanks to her level of Cosmic Consciousness being the most advanced and furthest reaching of the Protectorate, Blackhole was well aware of the approaching invasion forces long before her team mates. The sheer numbers of the Ga’ atbq make them a fearsome race to all they have encountered. Gaatbq-warrior.png