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My first villain in quite a while, Bluefly. Brock Petersen was just a small time crook, mostly a smash and grab man. His heart wasn’t really it, but he had a family to support and after being layed off by the auto plant, (damn this sh***y economy!), was really feeling the push. Of course, he kept the source of his income hidden from his wife, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to account for his whereabouts when he wasn’t home. Why did he go to NYC on that day? He doesn’t really know. After reading newspaper accounts of several bank robberies where the suspects were not found he thought that maybe, just maybe, he could pull a robbery and get away and be back in Detroit with at least enough money to hold down his family while he resumed his search for legitimate work. But that was the day he saw HIM and found IT and his life was forever changed. Who he saw was The One Armed Bandit, blowing up an armored car by firing a laser from a rooftop and then jumping 20 stories down to the street to collect the loot. He also saw Amy Atom show up to take on the Bandit. In the confusion of battle, One Armed Bandit ended up forgoing the loot to create a distraction, which put innocents in danger, to cover his escape. For the briefest of moments, Brock saw a money bag near the curb which had been blown from the truck in the explosion. While debating whether or not to try and snatch it up, he saw something else near by. He had no idea exactly what it was but his years at the auto plant gave him an eye for important small pieces of tech. His mind made up, that’s what he decided to grab. A quick look at The Bandit as he escaped confirmed to Brock that it had to be a piece of his equipment. Suddenly, a wild idea came to Brock; he would somehow contact The One Armed Bandit and offer his tech back in exchange for ransome. Of course, Brock had no idea of the Bandit’s technical expertise. The piece was something that could be replaced but it would take time to steal the gems which he used to power his sneaking suit. Through the means of underground criminal networks Brock actually was able to contact the Bandit and lay out his proposition. Oddly enough, One Armed Bandit was not phased, but interested in the ballsy character who tried to blackmail him. “Obviously, you’re not from New York, or you would know not to even come to me with this foolishness! It’s also obvious to me that you must really need this dough.” Brock read the communique with growing apprehension and a feeling of failure. He read on: “I don’t know who you are, where you’re from and I don’t care, but I’ll make a deal with you. You see, I make all of my own equipment and it would just be a matter of time for me to replace what you took. But I must say, I admire your chutzpah! So here’s what I propose; I’ll make you your own battle suit and as long as you stay out of NYC, I don’t care what you do with it. If you agree, send your measurements; height, weight, arm and leg length, etc. and in one week, I’ll tell you where to pick up your suit. And trust me, if you’re not leaving my city within one hour after pickup, I will find you and I’ll do to your head what you saw me do to that armored truck!” Brock Petersen responded, “I agree to your terms 100%. Just one thing; I was really impressed with that 20 story jump you did, but if you can make it happen, I want to be able to fly!”