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Thanks you guys! You make me feel really proud of my work! Makes me more motivated to keep creating! Here are a few more of my creations for The Crimson Archer to face!

Name: Unknown
Allis: The Creeper
Species: Human
Abilities: No real powers, however he is a very big sadist, as well as being a master of tactic, trickery, persuasion, and with the use of his high intelligence… is able to play dangerous games with hero.

Name: Unknown
Allis: Rebel
Species: Human
Abilities: Unusually High amount of Charisma, Superior Intelligence to the point of near above Genius Level, Enhanced Agility, Master of hand-to-hand combat, and a slowed rate of Cellular Regeneration.

Name: Jack Foster
Allis: The Sadist
Species: Human
Abilities: Ninja (Self explanatory), Very Wise and Silent, can Teleport, Enhanced Speed and stamina, constant healing and regeneration, and superhuman strength.