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Here is a basic Hero of mine. A little lazy with the shading and lighting due to having to move everything all around to able to add color to it. Wish the canvas window was bigger. Anyway, present a hero who wears the color of crimson proudly. For crimson is the color of blood from the deepest of wounds. Also, it represents someone of vast intelligence, usually silent but wise when they speak, durable, dark, mysterious, but deep down is very caring and generous. I present, the Crimson Archer.

Name: Peter Bayne
Allis: Crimson Archer
Species: Human
Abilities: Superior Intellect, Superhuman ability to perform dead-on accuracy, master at hand-to-hand combat, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Agility, Higher Rate of Healing, Enhanced Immune System, Enhanced Cardio, and Superhuman Sight.