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Name: John Black
Allais: Herculean
Species: Human, With a spirit of a powerful Alien

Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Near Invulnerable, X-Ray vision, Flight, Cellular Regeneration, Phasing, Energy Generation, and all other human aspects enhanced.

Weakness: Any compound found from the spirit’s original planet that has absorbed its light, The rare earth metal Astatine severely weakens him…makes him a near to death human, and some forms of magic.

Reduced Bio: John Black was your typical man behind the cubical in any office. His boss was laying off most of his coworkers and it was rumored that John Black was next. Walking home from a bad day of work, a meteor broke through Earth’s atmosphere and headed towards Manhattan. It landed only some odd yards away from John in a small neglected park, creating a massive radioactive blast that knocked down John. The curiosity got to him, and John went to take a look at the meteor. Once up close, the meteor appeared to have pulsing glowing green veins and aura. A quick sensation of indescribable peace and tranquility over came Jon and it near possessed him to place his hand upon the meteor. Once his hand met with the meteor, a large flash of green light swarmed John and created a large blast that reached far beyond miles and miles, causing a near nation black out. What happened was that a great alien refugee placed his cellular construct and essence of his soul inside a life preserving support system…which we see as a meteor. John, upon touching it, caused a cellular fusion and possession of the Alien’s soul. Since our galaxy is constructed so differently and contains many different forms energy and cells, it causes the alien within John to have super abilities. Thus creating what John calls himself, Herculean. (Sorry, getting hard to write so much…got to cut myself off!)