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Name: Jon Hart
Alais: Alloy
Species: Cyborg

Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, The metal alloy used to create his cybrog parts is near invulnerble, Enhanced Sight, Able to shoot high engery beams out of retractable extentders (on his back), Enhanced Jumping Height, Enhanced Intellect, and Can produce high a high electrical current.

Reduced Bio: Jon Hart was a very high respected man in the Marines and is very well known back at home. He has saved the lives of many of his brothers in arms and as well as stopped many enemy assaults. However, one fateful day, Jon attempted to save a squad trapped behind enemy lines, but failed because the enemy detonated the facility that held captive the lost squad. Jon, being such a high military asset, was collected from the remains of the facility by a secret Government organization called AAT (Advanced America of Tomorrow). They developed a rare metal alloy to fuse with Jon and create a robotic superhuman soldier. The experiment was a success, but Jon was unconscious somewhere deep inside this new version of him, so he was controlled to take out various enemy bases without mercy. AAT soon used Jon to attack Guardian Angel, but Guardian Angel used his kind and inspirational heart to waken Jon within, thus granting Jon control over his new found body. Raged by what an abomination he has become and the fact he was chosen to be revived among the others lost, he destroyed the facility that created him…killing everyone involved in his creation. Now, Jon goes by the name Alloy and is considered rouge, unable to be found…even by Guardian Angel.


Jon without his Enhanced Helmet