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Zodiac: Gemini
Powers: Immune to holy and hell fire/water, plays both sides of the battle, has a powerful rage induced other half, charismatic, intelligent, can solve almost any mystery, can attract anyone, and can gain friendship from anyone.
Host Abilities: Becomes highly charismatic, becomes more attractive, same attributes as stated above, and when angered, the inner demon comes out with flaring red eyes.
Weaknesses: Unpredictable, edgy to where the demon can rise up, too high of curiosity, and being alone. Enemy is Sagittarius

Gemini is out to find everything out in the mortal world, by any means necessary. Wants to learn everything possible. He isn’t much of a threat other than making people happy to be around him and the need to suck energy/souls for existence, so Guardian Angel saves him for last…however when angered or stressed…a dark demon takes over that is highly unpredictable, to which the good part never has any remembrance of.