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Name: Quentin Klien
Allis: Sliphood

Abilities: Superhuman reflexes, stamina, agility, and strength. Dead on accuracy. Expert is firearms and in sword fighting (basically ninja). Stealthy. Self cellular regeneration and impenetrable skin when in defensive (flight or flight). Paranoid…cocky…arrogant…self-loathing…air head…and psychologically aware (the forth-wall). Has his floating robot, AKA: Klien, who is incredibly knowledgable and intelligent. His “better half” and conscious or moral. Keeps him up to date on all things and possible jobs. Uses a wave of gravity to lift things and can shoot a heat beam.

Bio: Quentin Klien was a genius and was kidnapped for his ability to create “SoulChips”, which are chips or AI intelligence that have downloaded someone’s memories and personality and can be uploaded to a computer to talk to them, even once dead…essentially it is a clone. Klien knew he was going to be capture, so he quickly did the procedure to upload his brain into a SoulChip and download it into a special robot he created. Before he could activate the robot, he was captured. The government kept the robot for later use and used it as leverage that they didn’t need Klien alive since they technically have him at their disposal.
Quentin refused to tell his secrets and knowledge of his SoulChips, so they decided he was not useful anymore. But instead of killing him, they used him for an experiment. They had parts of Daft’s DNA and Guardian Angel’s DNA and planned on using it to create super solider’s or secret agents to maintain control over superhumans. Fusing the combination of DNA had a horrible outcome. Quentin grew white veins everywhere and he became strong. He also become crazy because parts of Daft caused him to lose his mind. The experiment also wiped his memory of who he was. In a battle and the death of everyone in the lab, Quentin escaped. He broke into a vault and attempted to steal weapon, but was curious on the robot, to which activated upon his touch because it is finger print sensitive. The finger print also activated a download of the recent memory before and after the experiment, but his memory was not wiped. So the robot helped Quentin escape.
Now, Quentin goes by the name “Sliphood” and calls the robot Klien. Daft’s psychoticness and Guardian Angel’s DNA cause Sliphood to be “Special” and more stable, but still looney. Klien and Sliphood now work as a mercenary team and on the side, search for a way to become one…