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Time for my next villain for my hero, Guardian Angel…and give me some slack, I created the pose on my own here. I know it needs some improvement.

Name: Luminis Perditor (Destroyer of Light)
Species: Demon Hybrid

Powers: Unknown…but concidered the destroyer of souls, peace, and the heavens. Once released, doom has befallen humanity…it is hell on earth.
Weakness: Unknown

Reduced Bio: A creature made from many souls of the damned and defeated angels forced to become corrupted, Luminis Perditor is Hell’s secret weapon when all else fails. There is no control of this beast, his powers are limitless and it has no remorse or conscious. Luminis is pure hate, anger, rage, and darkness…only the light from the most pure can weaken it…only a nephilim has the inner power to send the beast back to damnation. It has only been stopped once before, but comes back even stronger.