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Name: Alex Ross
Demon: Tantibus
Allis: Nightmare

Abilities: Can see your fears and bring them to life. Can travel through your dreams. Travel by turning into a black smoke entity. His hair or tentacle like limbs can stretch and attack. Can attack with smoke. Grows stronger with fear. Very fast. Cling to surfaces. Can detect danger.

Bio: Being that there is Guardian Angel and the fearless Retorter on earth, hell decided to release its most fearful demon…Tantibus. Alex Ross was a successful business man and was chosen to become possessed by Tantibus. No control on when the transformation into Tantibus happens, Alex’s life spiraled downwards since he is now under control of Tantibus. But Alex soon becomes corrupted by Tantibus and grows an inseparable bond with him. This grants Alex power and immortality, but makes him evil. They call themselves Nightmare and their main foe is the Retorter.