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Name: Chase Bishop
Demon Name: Varron
Allis: The Retorter
Abilities: Immortal as long as the demon within Chase stays in possession. When changed into the Retorter: Can levitate, demon like strength, can teleport short distances, burns the guilty souls or those who are possessed by demons by touch, has a swarm of darkness that can attack, ghost like qualities, can see corruption/darkness, can kill any demon or send back to hell, and demon like telekinesis.

Bio: Chase Bishop, a young psychologist, came home from work one day to find his whole whole family killed…slaughtered. His wife…his kids…his parents…everyone he loves. He was targeted by a gang for being in trial and being the deciding factor of an insanity plea, which he denied. When he walked into his home too see the horror, he got hit in the back with a bat. A struggle went through and a couple more guys came in to take Chase down. Once unconscious, they set up the murder to look like Chase had committed the crime.
After a few months passed, and Chase was on trial and lost his job and his home…he was found guilty because of a bad lawyer paid off by the gang and sadly a judge was bribed. Down to the worst depression and biggest rage, the day before his jail sentence, he drank a bottle of Jack Daniels and pulled the trigger under his jaw.

Quick bio on Varron: Was an angel who killed another angel. His punishment was to become a fallen angel and be sent to hell. As he festered in hell, he became demon like and hated it. With a small amount of grace left, he escaped hell as a demon like entity, determined to justify himself and avenge his himself to prove he is not evil. He was on his escape and found out about Chase Bishop…figured he’d be a quick fix to his problem, a good host.

Upon dying from his attempted suicide, the Varron’s demon like spirit found Chase and possessed him. The bond of the two created a creature like appearance when Varron was in control. Upon being possessed, he immediately turned in the creature…Varron knew of Chase’s problem…and immediately went to solve it. The next day, with no memory of the night’s events, Chase awoke in his bed. Confused on why he wasn’t dead, he sat at the end of his bed in shock. He soon got a call to watch the news from his friend. He turned on the News to a terrified Judge and Lawyer pleading to Chase’s innocents. Chase had no idea that life was giving him a second chance…but in the worst way.
Now, chase becomes what the supernatural like to call him, The Retorter when there is evil and supernatural corruption. Verron bent on avenging himself and Chase bent on revenge and starting over. The two work together and create an inseparable bond…needing each other to survive.