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Schizo Mutated

Brad Ross was born in a town that was exposed to a nuclear radiation field which deformed all its population, but mutated the fetuses within the pregnant women. Ross was one of those babies born with no physical deformity, but with a mutation of cellular regeneration and hardened bones. His mother sadly died after giving birth, thus Bradley grew up in foster homes and on the streets. He enlisted in the military where he was found out. Because of his mutation, seen as a evolved human, the Government took him against his will. They wanted to make a super soldier out of him, but with weapons that could grow from his bone structure to aid in creating a class of stealthy assassins for the USA defense program. Brad was a perfect subject since he could take multiple pokes and prods without dying. They implanted an altering gene that caused his ulnas to protract into sharp bone blades. It wasn’t enough, so they changed his bone structure into a rare metal that could cut through most things like butter, this way it was like having a constant blade and unlike bone, unlikely to break. Brad survived, however he escaped and the whole event caused him to go mad, trying to repress what happened. He went through vigorous training for years upon years, but had to stop because he began to feel sick and in pain all the time. Soon, he learned that his body was being worn out from procedure and his healing factor was conflicting with his new skeletal system and Ulna weapon response. So he became Schizo because his foes and allies always considered him off the deep end. He went back to the government program that did this to him and demanded a fix to get him back to 100% again. With a blade to their throat, they whipped something up to strengthen Brad’s body to better handle the changes. However, something went horrible wrong…Brad’s body went into a frenzy of testosterone and regenerative strength, which turned him into an abomination….blades sticking out from various parts of his body and even his teeth became fang and blade like. He had almost lost control of himself and went into a rampage as this monstrosity…killing everything in his path.
A few surviving scientists made an antidote to control the frenzy of generation in Brad. They hired the merc Daft to get close enough to inject it.
Brad went back to normal and now has advanced strength, but he needs to take the serum used to counteract his inner beast monthly, or he will become the frenzied creature again…