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Name: Ben Quiescent
Allais: Transcendent (The Super Sapien)
Abilities: Superhuman strength, superhuman cellular regeneration, superhuman senses, superhuman reflexes, superhuman speed, gravity manipulation (flight), power to create light beams (energy), can create heat, unbreakable skin, and high intelligence.
Weakness: Absence of the sun or prolonged absence of the sun can severely weaken him and a rare meteorite that absorbs radiation can take away all his abilities until removed by a certain radius away from him.

Bio: In a space station, a women named Jennifer Quiescent was a pregnant scientist apart of a team studying the effects of the moon and sun upon earth and it’s people/species. However, undetected, a solar flare from the sun was about to take place and the station was in direct path of the flare. Once the flare hit, it hit hard and tore the station apart, killing many. Before it hit, people were evacuating and Jennifer was placed in an escape pod, but still too late. The radiation of the flare bursted towards her escape, killing her. Once the pod crashed landed upon Earth 2 days later, a small team pulled her out of the damaged pod. Her body was still warm…and there seamed to be a heart beat…not hers. Amazed at the discovery, the doctors quickly removed the baby, who was incredibly healthy. It was huge news around the world and the baby was raised by his Grandparents and given the name, Benjamin, after his father who had died from a car accident.
Years pasted, and young Ben began to realize he had abilities. As he grew, his powers began to become stronger and stronger. He had superhuman abilities and his Grandparents kept it a very hidden secret away from the public.
Ben grew to realize that the solar flare gave him extraordinary abilities and the sun was his lifeline, his life support now that gave him his life.
Years later, once he surpassed his preadulthood, he dawned the hero life style. He created a suit that can take the power of the sun and was named around the world from the heroic events he accomplished, the Super Sapien…but he was called by a brilliant mind, The Transcendent, to which he then called himself.