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Name: Wade Parker
Allis: Metal Man
Abilities: Super human strength, speed, reflexes, and cellular regeneration. The rare metal that consumes his body is nearly indestructible.

Bio: Running into a seemingly abandoned factory from that cops from a crime he didn’t commit, Wade Parker, wound up in a science project of a crazed scientist. The scientist was experimenting on cellular regeneration and created these nano cells made out of rare earth metals and other elements. Various tests failed and the scientist was giving up. At this point, Wade attempted to escape, but during it, the factory exploded…causing the remaining element Nano Zero, to explode and bond with Wade in the mitts of the explosion. Wade later awoke in the remains, with no memory. Now, Wade’s skin is in constant regeneration with the element, causing him abnormal abilities. His bones are made of pure rare earth metals and his skins immediately heals and generates upon damage. Also, his skin can be overcome by an indestructible nano mentalish skin, giving him super strength, reflexes, jumping abilities, speed, and enhanced other human performances. However, the same nano element radiated can cause weakness to Wade.