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@Jeimuzu said:

@Ubiquitous Pixel said:

I just spent over 2 hours making an epic fight scene with Daft vs The Sadist. I kid you not it looked amazing with the poses and shading…and it got deleted somehow. I am so enraged that I am sorry to say I will not be posting anything for a long time. I am walking away from this…

Aww man, that is terrible that happened to you. I can totally relate, if I had gotten that far along with a detailed character or scene and it got deleted, I’m pretty sure I’d have to take a bit of a break as well. Well, hopefully you can get back in the machiner spirit soon because you are VERY good at it.

Thanks man, just so upset because I felt so good about it. And here’s a pic of it half way done I took with my phone to show my friend what I was doing.