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Here’s a simple villain for Guardian Angel face on occasion:

Name: Sicarius
Species: Demon
Powers: Quick reflexes, stamina, control of fire, stealth, teleportation, voice mimicry, advanced knowledge in hand to hand combat, superior self defense skills, and minor other demon like advantages.
Weakness: Holy water, Banishment, Spells, Holy fire, greater demons/angels, special blade, and other common demon like weaknesses
Reduced Bio: Once a man who died back in the dark ages, he was brought back to earth from hell to find the poor souls who have a bounty on their heads. He finds his targets to drag them to hell, or at least kills them to damn their soul to hell under the orders of Lucifer. Sicarius also is hired by people by the use of a certain spell, but the price is paid greatly. However, time to time, Sicarius finds his way out of hell to find Guardian Angel, to end his life for the constant interference of his assassin like deeds.