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Name: Clark Morgan
Alias: The Shadow
Abilities: *When the Moon is present and depending on how much of it is shown* Enhanced Strength, Enhanced senses, Enhanced Healing factor, Hardened Skin, Gravity plays an effect upon him giving him ( with the combination of his strength) the ability to jump incredibly high and give him an edge in speed and agility, and gives him a strong mental focus. Without the moon, Clark grew to not wishing to depend upon his powers of the moon so he learned many ways of combat. He studied criminology and psychology to help him have a better view of the world and to get into the heads of criminals. Studied upon the greatest of escape artists and traveled the world to learn different forms of stealth and survival. Clark, being massively rich due to his “MorganTechnologies” and technology savvy, created a suit to withstand high damage, help him stay in the shadows, glide when jumping high and landing, climb walls, and see through material.