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My Redeemer Series

A Meteor crashes on earth with unique properties and a new element to which the government uses to try and create super beings to defend Earth and fight against waring nations. However, the element has altering effects to some subjects. They lose their minds or become deformed in ways unimaginable, even receive abilities of nightmarish use. One subject, subject 777 Clark Winchester, survived the experimental procedure and now is considered a super soldier. Upon learning of the results of others from the procedure with the new element and his own power, he goes rouge to fight against the Government. He steals the highly classified and powerful “Redeemer” armor and escapes with it to use it in his pursuit to destroy the original meteor and any remaining elements of it. While on his personal mission, he goes against the Government who wants him for this unique response to the element and against the abominations that the element has created.

Armor Mach 2

First Armor

Heavy Armor

Elemental Armor