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A semi villain to the Guardian Angel Universe


Name: Alex Wilson
Alias: Gamma Skull
Abilities: When angered or pushed into a state of “Fight or Flight”, his body goes through a transformation. His skin peels and he becomes a highly radiated gamma creature. High in strength and loss of control, he is near unstoppable.
Miniature Bio: Alex Wilson was dying from a rare and terminal bone cancer. At a final attempt at saving his life, he went under a newly developed technological procedure featuring a new way to use Gamma Rays to cure his disease. It was a success, so much so, he healed completely and looked healthier than anyone. One horrible night, his selfish boss fired him because the media was too much for the business and this caused Alex to become enraged…to which a horribly painful transformation occur. His alter ego of a gamma skeletal creature destroyed the whole office and killed the boss. This gained the attention Guardian Angel, who wants to save him Alex from his alter ego.