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So, here’s Scythe first legitimate ally to Smiley who’s more than just another hired goon. He actually had a name and was essentially Smileys #1 in the years after he became a more recognizable criminal. It wasn’t long though before Smiley noticed the mans ruthlessness and skill and “promoted him” to his official 2nd in command and gifted him with his signature weapon and the accompanying name (he hadn’t officially been any more that another hired gun because Smiley doesn’t really cares who under him gets killed or arrested).

Technically Scythe is nothing like Smiley; he doesn’t really have any real sense of humor, and he takes everything seriously. Ultimately he’s just another henchman with a nice title and a costume, but what makes him so much more dangerous than that is A) His skill; He’s significantly more practiced at combat and executions than most of the men that Smiley finds, and B) He loves his “job”. Perhaps the one thing that Scythe and Smiley have in common is their love of death and terrifying those that are “beneath” them (which is pretty much everyone). However, this isn’t enough to prevent a certain contempt to form in Scythe toward his maniacal boss. One of the ‘final straws’ (so to speak) is the arrival and quick promotion of Daisy, another “silly wacko in a costume”, (who I’ll be posting soon). Eventually Scythe tries to kill Smiley and take over the rather large gang he that has come under Smileys control. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well and Scythe finally meets the sinister side he thought his boss didn’t really have…

With Overcoat

Here’s the “Rough Day” version