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@Moognation said:

Thanks again, everybody! Of course, we just want a healthy baby (we’re supposed to say that!), but truth be told I want a boy. Why? Because I’m pretty sure a baby girl would age me too damn quickly. Specifically, when she gets to that age where the boys start sniffing around.

So, I wanted to ask the HM community for some good, scary phrases to use on those boys just in case we have a girl. I already know…
“Whatever you do to her, I’m gonna do to you…”
“I have a .45 and a shovel, and I doubt anyone would miss you…”
“Make my little girl cry, I’ll make you cry…”
“I have no problem going back to prison…”

What do you guys have?

My sister’s fiance is figuring on using this one (take into account that gun control laws in Canada are a bit more strict).

“I might have to register a gun, but I don’t have to register my swords. So when they finally find and identify your body, no one will ever know that it was me.”