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Back story:
Real Name: Marie Duprez
Known Aliases: B-Sting, Black Bee
Abilities/Skills: flight, enhanced agility and speed, superstrength, enhanced senses, accelerated healing
French native Marie Duprez was a sickly child. Allergic to almost everything, she was forced to live her life inside an immaculately clean room. The worst allergy she had, was one for bee stings.
At fourteen she was selected to be part of a clinical trial that would increase her immune system. Miraculously, her allergies disappeared completely. The family moved to the United States because Marie would still have to be treated on a monthly basis to sustain the effect of the formula.
Two years later, Marie was living like a normal teenager. But her life changed drastically when she came home after one of her monthly treatments and got stung by a bee. With so much of the formula in her system, Marie had a severe reaction. Her body was altered at a genetic level, incorporating DNA of the bee that stung. She grew wings and gained abilities commonly associated with bees. She was examined by her doctors, but the process was irreversible.
The creators of the formula thought they had struck gold. A fast and complication free process to create superhuman abilities would certainly make them a lot of money. But for those aspirations to come through, they needed to examine Marie more closely. A process which involved a lot invasive procedures and that was something her parents simply wouldn’t consent.
Not to be discouraged by something as insignificant as parental love, the doctors tried to kidnap Marie one day after school. In the ensuing fight, Marie’s best friend was caught in the crossfire and died.
Vowing to never again let anyone suffer at the hands of greedy men, Marie began her one-girl war against crime.
Her high school graduation was rudely interrupted by the invading forces of the Dominion. Heeding the telepathic call of Bishop, Marie snuck out and joined the Infinity League.