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And here he is. In his very shiny armor. I’ve also renamed him. He’s now called DynaZone

Real Name: Leon Lassiter
Known Aliases: DynaZone, Zero
Abilities/Skills: expert hacker, electrokinesis, magnetic field manipulation
Leon Lassiter was the hacker only known as ‘Zero’. He made himself guilty of every computer crime known to man. However, he bit of more than he could chew when he stole millions of dollars from a company that, unkown to Lassiter, was controlled by the Russian mob.
Soon Lassiter found himself on the run from the ruthless mobsters, hell-bent on getting their money back. In his desperation he turned to a power-broker, shady scientists who alter the genetic make-up of their customers for exorbitant sums of money.
He gained the power to generate huge amounts of electricity. This brought him on the I.D.E.A’s radar. They approached Lassiter and offered him in job. In return they would make his little problem with the mob go away.
For a few years everything went well. He gained a better understanding of his powers and discovered that he could also manipulate magnetic fields. Coupled with his hacking skills, this made him a very accomplished field agent. However, Lassiter became increasingly suspicious of I.D.E.A’s operations. When they ousted one of their top agents on seemingly inconsequential grounds, he started an investigation.
Sadly, his actions were discovered and he was forced to once again go on the run. When the Dominion invaded he was approached by Bishop to join the Infinity League.
In the aftermath of the final battle, the league had gained a lot of popularity and support from both the government and the common people, forcing I.D.E.A to give up their manhunt for the time being.