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This is the leader of a superhero team I’m working on.

Real Name: John Bishop
Known Alias: Mind Master, Agent 024
Abilities/Skills: Telepathy, experienced hand-to-hand combatant, expert marksman, tactician
Even though he didn’t have any superhuman abilities, John Bishop was one of I.DE.A.’s most successful agents. He made many enemies over the years. One of those was the genius, but absolutely insane, neuro-scientist Dr. Atticus Cerveaux.
On what was to be a routine surveillance mission, Bishop was captured and tortured by the diabolical madman. Cerveaux used a lot of experimental devices in his quest for vengeance. One of those unlocked a dormant part of Bishop’s mind, allowing him to read other people’s thoughts. Using these newfound skills he was able to overcome Cerveaux.
However, I.D.E.A. is one of the most secretive agencies in the world and they weren’t too happy to have a mind reader running around their facilities. Bishop was discharged on some technicalities.
Not one to sit idly by when there was work to be done, Bishop became the masked adventurer Mind Master.
When the Vaecor Dominion invaded earth, Bishop assembled a team to meet the threat head on. The team would become the legendary Infinity League.