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Boy, masking with rectangles is a- Well, it’s tough work. I experimented with it today and used one of prswivre’s poses to get started:

With this, I added my own masking and ended up with something like this as a final product. Her name is Lily Matthews and she is one tough cowgirl you don’t want to mess with. I didn’t want to include her in my group of the Elementals, but I wanted to still incorporate her somehow (still working out all the stories. Maybe I should slow down with the character creating for a bit). I had a difficult time making her as I faulted twice when creating her. When I tried to load the save, all the rectangle masking was gone and I was a bit flustered. I remasked everything again and this is the best I could do with the degree of difficulty. I am still new to this haha. Been here for only a week! As always, feedback and criticism is always appreciated! Thanks!

Lily Matthews