Re: Manga Style tutorial



Back to the line so try out a manga aka Harlequin type pose.

So this is a basic sitting pose. I try to make pictures for every step but i usually remade any little things because i always seen any little mistake.

1. Use the basic female upper body

2. Change the size for the upper body

3. Give upper arms for the body

4. Give the lover arms for the upper body (need to play the sizes.)

5. Giva a head, to seen to good of the body parts scales.

6. Use head part to made our female thights. (I usually use heads to made the legs more prefer than the original leg parts.)

7. Use also the head parts to made calfs. (in the picture seen to use bigger size than the (200×200) everyone give the size manually)

8. Give foots to see how works the body proportion.

9. Give an hand to the body

10. Give also an hand and play the size of the hands to good for the composition.

11. Use the third breast in the body section to made the bottom part of the character.

12. Also use that part to make the breast part for the character and move out the shoulders a little.

13. Use insignais to cover the shoulder and the leg parts.

14. Layer down the insignia what we use the shoulder, and coloring full white the insignias on the legs.

15. Here is the sitting manga/Harlequin type body what we do.

Download Lick_and_trick_pose.rtf