Re: Manga Style tutorial



Welcome to my Licks and Tricks with Harlequin topic where i show how i can made my manga style characters.
For the request of Kaylin i show how can i make my hairs.

Example 1. – Schoolgirl

1. I made a face with my method not more than 15 min. (Now i use the face for show the examples)
2. My favourite of that type of hair because that very similar for the manga hairs. In the example i use six wich six stat is the same
3. I also like that hair because give also a cropped feeling of the hair
4. I give more cropped feeling of the hair, and give straight for the end of the hair.
5. I finish and cover the plain place to not seen the skin.
6. Coloring the hair.
7. I use straigt hair to titivation more the hair and the character.

Example 2. – ELEGANT

8. Delete most of the hair what we give for the character and only left the two in the top of the head. And change color.
9. Use the straight hair to cover the eyebrows and a little the eyes.
10. Use more striaght hair to made the character hair medium long, in the sides we give little transformated to made the hair more lively

Example 3. – REBEL

11. Delete down that hairs what we use to cover the eyebrows and the eyes. change the hair color, and the eye color
12. Choose that hair in the Zombie section (now i very favourite this hair, very usefull) And only use that to give the hair more manga feeling.

Example 4. – Elfie

13. Delete down all hair only what we use in 8. Step. Change hair color, eye color, and Ears. Now we made an elf.
14. I don’t wrote down what i do. I use a lot of hair type (straight, wavy, cropped, etc) But the hair is very elfish

A lot of good hair item in HM3. Don’t fear to combine, not a lot of time, but the result is very good.

Download Lick-and-Trick-2.rtf