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Mad Jack

Okay – another one before I call it a day…


Jaclyn Baker aka Sideswipe was a respected female boxer and had even won olympic gold when a sleazeball tried to fix her fights by threatening her. But Jaclyn ignored him and by that risked her own life. The crook ambushed her after a training session and shot her pointblank but soon realized this would be his last mistake. When the bullets hit Jaclyn her Xenogene was actived and she was boosted by the kinetic energy of the projectiles. Confused and angry she hit the gunman and crushed his skull to pulp with a single punch ruining her entire career at the same time.

Jaclyn has the abilty to absorb the energy of any blow she is struck by, not just punches, but also projectiles like bullets, electricity and beams of any type of energy directed toward her and to metabolize it to enhance her own physical strength, speed, and stamina or rechannel it through her body in the same form that was absorbed but with twice the force/power. This makes her extremely difficult to defeat in battle, as every blow struck against her only makes her stronger.

Even without absorbing energy, Jaclyn has increased strength and recuperative abilities, as well as a measure of invulnerability due to stored absorbed energy within his personal reserves, keeping her capabilities always at a superhuman level. The upper limits of her ability to enhance her own physical abilities with absorbed energy is not exactly known since it seems to have never been exhausted yet.