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Thanks man!

And here for the context:


Thrown through time by a collapsing wormhole a Mata’Nui spaceship crashlanded 65 million years b.c. in Central America on the northern Yucatán Peninsula and caused – along with a crater of about 112 miles in diameter – a climatic disaster which resulted in the third-largest mass extinction on Earth, and thus later the end of the dinosaurs.

Stranded on Earth, the survivors took refuge on an island in the western Atlantic north of the Caribbean and created a self-contained ecosystem, that was not affected from the changes in the outside world, inside a strong energy force field around the island. This force field made ​​the island also virtually invisible and caused distortions and anomalies in a triangular sea area between Bermuda in the north, Florida to the west and the island of Puerto Rico in the south – this in turn was the birth of the Bermuda Triangle …

To bridge the time until a possible return to their world, the aliens decided to outlive the millennia in cryogenic stasis and only occasionally return to the outside world. Using genetic manipulation they created a race of more advanced, intelligent and humanoid dinosaurs who would monitor their sleep and protect them against external threats of any kind.

This new species that called itself “The Risen” should be followed by five other mutated tribes in the course of time, all of which were later worshiped and feared by humans as gods and demons.


The Mata’Nui have developed higher functioning brain areas, which give them, in addition to a highly developed intellect, increased mental capacities, that allows them to think on various different levels at once while multitasking at the same time. In addition each single individual of the Mata’Nui has the following mental abilities:

Telepathy: The ability to read minds and project its own thoughts into the minds of others within a radius of 250 miles
Illusion: The ability to create realistic telepathic illusions and cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring.
Cloak: The ability to mask its presence from being detected by others.
Camouflage: The ability to mask itself, and other peoples’ presence from those around him. Can telepathically disguise itself, making his appearance to those around it quite different.
Mind Blast: The ability to place large amounts of information in another’s mind.
Memory Alteration: The ability to alter particular memories in another person or even in a group of people by force of will.
Detection: The ability to sense the presence and the nature of (potential) superhuman or supernatural powers within others.

The Mata’Nui also own reactive genetic characteristics by which they are able to willingly adapt their bodies to different environments or to respond to immediate hazards, eg by spontaneously developing the ability to breathe underwater using gills or to slide through the air with the help of skin between their arms and legs or whatever the circumstances require at the moment. However, this adaptive ability only works as long as they are conscious.


The Mata’Nui are human-like creatures and belong to the class of mammals. Their body shape is humanoid with the same number of limbs as humans to whom they are genetically related to 99.5% for yet unknown reasons. Differences to humans are mainly in body size, limb length, number of organs (they have 2 hearts and 4 kidneys), size of the brain volume, skin color and number of the sexes.

Most notable is their in comparison to humans larger head with almond-shaped, big eyes, two breathing holes and hearing openings without outer ears, and their gray skin color, which is why they are also called “The Greys”. Their mouths are narrow and nearly lipless and their teeth are not visible at first glance.

While in humans, the number of X-and Y-chromosomes determines the sex, there are three Mata’Nui gender depending on one single gene. These genders are called Type I, II and III. Sex Type I and II are similar to male and female organisms that can reproduce with each other. Type III is less picky and can combine with each other two types. Due to its genetic structure this type can also reproduce through self-fertilization.

While the reproduction takes mostly place in a two-sexual (oogamous) manner, it can also be three-sexual and, in rare cases, even uni-sexual by autogamy. The mode of reproduction alternates within the relatively long life span of a Mata’Nui of about 800 years and is mostly dependent on external influences.

Since three-sexual reproduction has the advantage that the genetic variation of the offspring is considerably larger than in the two-sexual reproduction, this form is used when the genetic pool of the Mata’Nui needs to be refreshed and to generate new gene combinations.

Autogamy, also called self-fertilization, however, is a form of sexual reproduction in which only one parent – in this case the Type III – is present or genetically contributing to reproduction, which leads to genetically closely related but not identical organisms. The main advantage of autogamy is that largely advantageous gene combinations can be obtained. Compared to sexual reproduction using a sexual partner the Autogamy also doesn’t require the sometimes time- and resource-consuming search for sex partners and so the population can be increased in a short time.

Since they have no visible secondary sex characteristics and the same androgynous physique with long, thin limbs, one can distinguish the three types of Mata’Nui only by their head and body size, and the number of fingers. Type I (“male”) and and type II (“female”) are both between 3’11” and 5’2″ in size have a different number of fingers: Type I has five on each hand, Type II only four. Although Type III has sometimes four and sometimes five fingers on each hand, it is substantially taller than the other two types at about 5’10” to 6’6″ and has a slightly narrower head.


The language of the Mata’Nui is an agglutinative language, meaning the root words are not inflected (bent). The basic grammatical units do not consist of single words, but word complexes, which usually retain their independent structure. The sound inventory has five vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and 15 consonants b, c and ch (like k), d, g, h, l, m, n, r, s , t, v, y (as j), z and sh (as sch) whose respective length is phonological very relevant. Most root words consist of only one or two syllables. It is also important to take note when pronouncing that two consecutive vowels are not connected to a double sound, but treated independently.

Ca = life
Cun = fate or destiny
Em = human/s
Luan = home, cradle (pronounced: lu-an)
Luun = city, stead, location, place (pronounced: lu-un)
Ma = ancestors
Noi = matured in sense of “adult” oder “wise” (pronounced: no-i)
Nui = child/ren (pronounced: nu-i)
Ran = world, planet
Ta = much, a lot, very
Tish = new
Torh = resistance
Tu = high, tall

Individual root words can be connected to polysyllabic words. Words that are of great importance can become sovereign root words. Most nouns are compound words, whereby individual vowels or consonants can disappear. The emphasis is usually on the last syllable.

Ca’Luan = Home/Cradle of Life (pronounced: ka-lu-an)
Cun’Luun = Cyty of Destiny (pronounced: kun-lu-un)
Mata’Noi = Wise of many Ancestors (starting from an age of 600 years – pronounced: ma-ta-no-i)
Mata’Nui = Children of many Ancestors (pronounced: ma-ta-nu-i)
Ma’Tu = The High Ancestors (which are worshiped like gods)
Matu’Ran = World of the High Ancestors (pronounced: ma-tu-ran)

The language of the Mata’Nui has four grammatical genders (Type I, Type II, Type III and neuter), but no clear distinction between singular and plural. Abstract concepts are formed with “Da” like Da’Em in the meaning of “humanity” or Da’Nui for “childhood”.

The alphanumeric signs from the Mata’Nui alphabet:


Habitat: The planet Matu’Ran in the Ca’Luan solar system of the Antlia dwarf galaxy (prior to the annihilation of their civilisation through the Harvesters); currently Cun’Luun – a futuristic city on the cloaked island “Savage Iceland” in the Bermuda Triangle
Gravity: Slightly lower than on earth
Atmosphere: Earth-like with a higher proportion of nitrogen
Population: 1 billion (prior to annihilation); currently about 800
Type of Government: Technocracy
Level of Technology: Superior to Earth: Advanced warp-drive starships, robots, cyborg, and cybernetic technology, genetic engineering, psionic technology, and energy weaponry.
Cultural Traits: Explorers