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Mad Jack

I took a shot on creating my own poses and this is the result:


40.000 years before our time an alien race called “Mata’Nui” conducted genetic experiments on a tribe of neanderthals that lived in southern Siberia in the Altai Mountains. These genetic experiments eventually led to the emergence of a new human species, called the Denisovans, whose evolution progressed so rapidly over just a few decades that they soon developed their own identity as “Corya’Nai” (Children of the Star Gods) and outperformed the Homo Sapiens quickly.

In order not to jeopardize the natural evolution of the remaining human species, the Corya’Nai were eventually resettled by the Mata’Nui to a large uninhabited island north of the Azores. This island was surrounded by a forcefield that hid it from the eyes of the rest of the world and was later called “At’Luan” (Home of the Forgotten)…


The Corya’Nai are physically, emotionally, and mentally in complete synch with their environment and can sense the overall well-being and conditions of nature itself. This includes not just biomes like forests, deserts, tundras, wetlands, mountains, etc but also the animals and humans living in them. The Corya’Nai can fell, when predator catch their prey in a nearby forest or when a tree falls in it and are able to detect natural changes (raise in temperature, humidity, etc).

Due to this psychic sensitivity to nature they are moreover capable to channel the mystic lifeforce of the planet into magic energy, which they can – amongst others – use to control and create the basic elements of nature.


At = lost, forgotten
Cor = stars
Hem = human/s
Luan = home (pronounced: lu-an)
Nai = child/ren (pronounced: na-i)
Noi = matured in sense of “adult” (pronounced: no-i)
vil = powerful
Tis = new
Torr = defender/warrior
Ya = god/s

At’luan = Home of the Forgotten (pronounced: at-lu-an)
Atluan’tis = New Home of the Forgotten
Cor’ya = Gods from the Stars or shortened: Star Gods
Corya’nai = Children of the Star Gods or shortened: Starchildren (pronounced: cor-ya-na-i)
Corya’torr = Warriors of the Star Gods
Nai’vil = Powerful Children (origin of the word “nephilim” – pronounced: na-i-vil)