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Mad Jack

Just finished:

LILITH – Already worshipped by the ancient sumerian as a goddess of the night and identified as female demon in the talmud Lilith was allegedly Adam’s first wife, who left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him and was banished from the garden of eden after mating with archangel Samael – the angel of death.

Lilith is a vampyre and therefore amongst others a shapeshifter (she can grow huge bat-like wings and transform into a wolf-like creature), possesses healing powers and eternal youth through the drinking of blood but isn’t immortal in the narrow sense of the word, and can turn people into serving zombies called “Ghuls” with her bite. Contrary to common superstitions she has no problem walking in the sun or eating garlic and has a fondness for silver jewelry – but she has indeed no reflexion in the mirror and can’t enter peoples home the first time without invitation (but in times of mortgages, internet and chat rooms how do you define “home” or “invitation”?).

Because of Liliths seductive nature men understandably get ecstasiate when she sucks their …

… blood! (What did you think?!)