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Before I proceed to a new topic I want to add a team to my international heroes since it looks like I forgot “down under”. Surprised

So here’s the official Australian governmental sanctioned superhero-team:


The team members from bottom left to top right:

Real Name: Jordan Anderson
Affiliations: The Savage Pack
Powers: Jordan Anderson possesses extremely enhanced senses, so that he can see in total darkness as if it was a clear sunny day, hear sounds that an ordinary human can’t, smell fear and detect if someone is lying by change in body odor, and taste the exact ingredients of any particular food he is eating. Additionally to razor-sharp animal-like claws and a sometimes savage rage, he is equipped with superhuman strength, speed and stamina, increased agility and reflexes, as well as an accelerated healing process that enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater efficiency than an ordinary human.


Real Name: Riley “Red” Reddington
Affiliations: The Savage Pack
Powers: Riley Reddington possesses the proportionate superhuman abilities and traits of various spiders as a result of genetic manipulations and other scientific experiments under state supervision. The former convict possesses several additional limbs (including 4 extra arms), superhuman strength and speed, enhanced stamina and agility, and is capable to stick to virtually any surface and crawl across it or to rip a wall down just by tugging at it hard enough with his palms. He also has the ability to organically produce a silk venomous liquid from glands in his fingers that can be used as some sort of web as well.


Real Name: Bailey Jones
Affiliations: The Savage Pack
Powers: Bailey Jones can move at almost supersonic speed for an indefinite time and use bursts of even higher speed for a short time allowing him to move faster than the eye can track. At that speed he becomes so fast it appears as if he has teleported and by gaining momentum he acquires the relativistic mass of such speed to land blows with tremendous force without causing any shock or disturbance to the surface he stops on. Even when he accelerates himself to high speeds, transforming himself into a destructive projectile in the process, he is able to maneuver accurately and dodge projectiles, move behind enemies, or get away from a fight if necessary.


Real Name: Aaron Sweets
Affiliations: The Savage Pack
Powers: Aaron Sweets can transform his body completely or partially down to the genetic and cellular structure into any fundamental element, including air, earth, electricity, fire, light, shadow, water, etc. and is able to shapeshift his form at will. These powers enable him to transform and reshape his body in order to impersonate other people or objects and to form limbs into weapons or enhance his body to combat, either by turning into animal, monsters, etc. or making his body stronger by combining abilities and/or elements.


Real Name: Callum Morton
Affiliations: The Savage Pack
Powers: Callum Morton possesses an insect-like body with a chitinous exoskeleton, including retractable mandibles and jaws strong enough to crush at least solid wood, as well as a pair of veined, cellophane like insectoid wings that allow him to fly at an unknown speed or hover in place. The sharp nails on each of his fingers are poisonous stings that can be used to cut and pierce his opponets and the strong poison can cause lethal hallucinations on his victims. He also possesses a special gland for producing digestive acid that he can use as a weapon and he is capable of moving his wings at high speeds, creating potent sonic vibrations which can harm even people with great durability and shatter solid objects.


Real Name: Joshua Irukandji
Affiliations: The Savage Pack
Powers: The half Aborigines, half Australian Joshua Irukandji has the psionic power to manipulate all matter and energy on a subatomic level and to shape and even create the basic elements of nature. He is able to move, alter, and mix all forms of matter, reconfigure existing elements into different substances and forms, and can use his powers to various effects, a few of which are: pulling atoms together, changing matter to energy and back again, creating one atom from many others, make his or others molecules phase through any object, create and evolve lesser life forms and himself, produce heat, force, fire, electric, and/or nuclear energy etc., negate or trigger superpowers in others, and much else.