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Mad Jack

Hrmph, you woke me from my hibernation. Now I’m struggling with springtime lethargy. *YAWN!* Confused

Oh well, since I’m already awake, here’s another team:

As the Navy counterpart to “Omega Force”, the Navy Seals Team “Bastards” (Biological Advanced Special Tactics and Actions Reconnaissance and Defense Service) is part of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group and under the operational control of JSOC. Its primary tasks are counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations whenever metahumans are involved. They are also capable of conducting many types of clandestine missions, including, but not limited to, hostage rescues and raids.


The team members from bottom left to top right:

Real Name: Cody Rider
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Cody Rider’s bloodstream is primed with nanites, tiny robots that he can mentally control and which enhance his physical performance beyond peak human capacity. The nanobots in Cody’s bloodstream can also produce a nearly indestructible yet still very malleable suit of cyber armor made of sentient nano-bytes and cover Cody’s body. Besides regenerating injuries and healing damaged tissue, the nanobots can among other things also be used to take over electrical objects, upgrade vehicles and weapons, modify any technology, and to override the programming of computersystems.

Real Name: Nick Allen
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Nick Allen can control anything that is liquid. He can shape and manipulate at will water, beverages, oil, magma, and so forth, and even the blood within an organism’s own body (and by that amongst other things the motor functions of persons against their will).

Real Name: Caleb Monroe
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Caleb Monroe has the power to transform his entire body or parts of it into a homogenous smokelike matter. In this gaseous form he is extremely hard to harm by direct attacks and nearly intangible so that an obstacle can pass through him, as long as it isn’t air-proofed. In this state he can also create, shape and manipulate smoke, to create smoke screens for cover or to clear smoke from an area for example.

Real Name: Seeley Crowder
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Thanks to his amphibian physiology, Seeley Crowder can adapt to underwater environments by being able to breathe in both water and air and to endure high water pressure as well as extreme water temperatures. He can also can generate small poisonous stingers from his body, which he is able to fire from his fingertips like bullets. The toxity of this venom can range from annoying to absolute lethal.

Real Name: Randall Crowder
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Like his brother Seeley, Randall Crowder can breathe in both water and air and endure high water pressure as well as extreme water temperatures. Additional he has the power to move at incredible speeds both on land and underwater. He can swim with a speed up to 100 mph (~ 161 km/h) and run on land with 300 mph (~ 483 km/h).

Real Name: Boyd Henkins
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Boyd Henkins is a genetically manipulated human with most of the abilities of a white shark. While he can’t breathe under water without ventilatory support or swim faster than an average human, he is able to swim for days without a break. His skin is resistant to attacks, harm or pain and temperature extremes and his senses are incredibly enhanced to the point where he can use electroreception to locate objects around him. Most notably he has a particularly strong bite because of his sharp teeth and very strong jaw-muscles.

Real Name: Danny Matheson
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Danny Matheson is a teleporter who possesses agility pushed to the very limit of human capability and peak accuracy at the highest limits of human efficiency. He can travel great distances, has precisely control over his movements and muscles, and can always accurately coordinate his body with balance, dexterity and flexibility. This enables him to climb the highest of buildings with no form of support and jump up to 20 ft (~ 6 m) in a single bound. It gives him also an accuracy that makes it near-impossible for him to miss a target with his guns.

Real Name: Ken Sato
Affiliations: Navy Seals
Powers: Ken Sato possesses retractable, techno-organic, blade-tipped wings on both his arms that can be used as weapons as well as for flight. He can perform very sophisticated air maneuvers and fly at speeds up to 50 mph (~ 80 km/h). He is a skilled combatant, especially in aerial hand-to-hand combat, and can throw the razor-sharp “feathers” of his wings as weapons.