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@Hammerknight said:
But it make you wonder when you have the same character from multiple dimensions all in the same place at once, what type of effect would it have on them?

If the characters are anything like me, they would finally enjoy an intelligent conversation …

Anyway, here’s the next official US governmental metahuman team:

The 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne) (1st SFOMEGA), popularly known as Omega Force, is a U.S. Army component of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Little is known about this unit, as it is still subject to confidentiality, but Omega Force’s primary tasks are counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations whenever metahumans are involved, although it is an extremely versatile group capable of conducting many types of clandestine missions, including, but not limited to, hostage rescues and raids.

For more details read on here:

While 1st SFOMEGA is administratively supported by USASOC, it falls under the operational control of JSOC. Omega Force and its Navy counterpart, the Navy Seals Team “Bastards” (Biological Advanced Special Tactics and Actions Reconnaissance and Defense Service – part of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group), are the United States military’s primary metahuman units. The Central Intelligence Agency’s highly secretive Metahuman Activities Division (MAD – a paramilitary metahuman task force) often works with – and recruits – operators from Omega Force.

The Omega Force, together with the “Bastards”, is the only association of the U.S. armed forces, which is primarily oriented towards the fight against metahuman terrorists (especially on airplanes and in urban environments).Its always secret missions include special operations behind enemy lines like the targeted killing of individuals, intelligence collection, asymmetric and unconventional warfare as well as direct combat missions. Unlike the Delta Force, the Omega Force is also deployed domestically, which was approved by a special presidential decree since the use of military force in-country is normally forbidden by the Posse Comitatus Act.

Virtually all information about the unit is highly classified and details about specific missions or operations generally are not available publically. However, details of some operations have become public knowledge. A number of sources suggest the squadrons strength ranges from 75 to 85 personnel. The squadron is broken down into three troops — one recon/sniper troop, and two direct action/assault troops — that can operate either in teams or in groups as small as four to six men. Part of the unit (shown in the picture below) is in constant combat readiness and while its official task description is vague, it includes fast, precise operations with wide-ranging skills. The Omega Force is is said to be able to proceed as unobtrusive as no other U.S. unit.

Each trained Omega-Force Soldier holds at least the rank of a sergeant and is called “operator” within the unit. The term was first used by Delta Force to distinguish between operational and non-operational personnel assigned to the unit and later also adopted by Omega Force. Upon entry into the Delta Force, the personnel file of the soldier is removed from the employee archive of the Army, so he officially does not exist anymore within that organization. His master data are listed only in the Department of the Army Security Roster.

A special feature is the fact that the operators plan their specific assignments themselves. Commanders and staff managers only predetermine the mission objectives, while the tactical planning rest on the task forces themselves. This principle of mission-type tactics serves the elimination of the so-called “Rambo syndrome”, meaning the planning of unnecessarily lossy, too complicated, or not realizable missions. This is intended to promote prudence and professionalism and avoid unnecessary profiling efforts.

The headquarters of the Omega Force is the military base Fort Bragg in North Carolina and the entire area of the base occupied by it is particularly secured and accessible to outsiders only with special permission. The air transport of the Omega Force is mainly provided by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment out of Fort Campbell, but thanks to teleporter on the team Omega Force often pass on their services.


The team members from bottom left to top right:

Real Name: Jason Clancy
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Jason has the power to mentally and physically interface with computers, data, IT Networks, internet and world wide webs, allowing him to download and gather any information as well as to manipulate and control technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices he is connected with. He is able to sense data-streams other digital things invisible to normal humans and to interact with the digital plane without the use of technical equipment.

Real Name: Dennis McGuire
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Dennis has the ability to purposely transform into an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature at will. In this form he gains the characteristic traits of a wolf, including heightended senses and stamina as well as strength and speed far beyond those of normals wolves or men. Although he is influenced by some wolfen instinct when transformed, he keeps his human mind and gains razorsharp claws and fangs.

Real Name: Hank Crowley
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army; Project M.I.S.F.I.T.S.
Powers: Hank posseses a pair of bird-like wings attached to his arms along with the matching hollow airfilled bones who gives him the ability to fly with a natural winged flight limit (95 miles per hour) and great aerial maneuverability. However his capacity for flight doesn’t seem to come just from his wings and his bones, since he can even hover in place whithout having any motion. Furterhmore Hank can see in absolute darkness and has a sonic scream at his disposal that can reach 300 decibels, which is enough to make a person’s ears start bleeding – even if they’re not directly attacked. With this potent ability he is able to damage and stun foes or objects, to the point of shattering metal.
Hank Crowley was a common soldier serving in a unit stationed at the undiclosed military facility Area X in Roswell during the “Days of Annihilation” following the attack of the alien “Harvesters”. When Dr. Hayden Creed (by this time imprisoned and under ward by the United Stated) needed experimental subjects for a trial involving the Xenogene, Hank volunteered himself after tests on the staff had showed that he had the gene in question.

After a series of several medical treatments Dr. Creed actually managed to activate Hanks dormant Xenogene, which led to the development of a synthetic Xenogene-activator, and this in turn ultimately to the “Awakening” event, when 0.5 percent of the world’s population developed simultaneously super powers in consequence.

Hank later continued to work at Area X, but now as head of “Project M.I.S.F.I.T.S.” (Metahuman Intervention & Support Facility with Integrated Training School) – a government-owned school / training camp for superhumans who just discovered their abilities

He is also a high-ranking member of the 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group Airborne (1st SFOMEGA), popularly known as Omega Force, a U.S. Army component of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) which is subject to confidentiality and whose primary tasks are counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations whenever metahumans are involved.

Real Name: Matt Tucker
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Matt has the power to absorb the health and life of others and make it his own in order to increase his health and vitality up to a point of absolute invulnerability or even immortality. If his target has a superpower, he can absorb them as well, but without using the power himself. Instead he can temporary transfer the power to somebody else or power up the abilities they already have with the extra energy he obtains from metahumans.

Real Name: Raymond Boone
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Ray is surrounded by a “nullification zone” that enables him to negate and nullify every concepts, powers, universal definitions, laws and boundaries making him immune to everything and anything. He can cancel out the superpowers of others, short-cut any electrial energy, dispell magic incantations, absorb the kinetic energy of any object in his vicinity, and channel his aura into blasts to reach a higher range.

Real Name: Corbin Dillard
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Corbin is able to create, shape and manipulate fire with a heat up to 1600 °C (2912°F) causing the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion and instantly melting of anything he touches. He can generate flames of any intensity – releasing heat, light, and various reaction products – and shape them in any manner he desires.

Real Name: Kyle Whitman
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Kyle has the power to transform into a giant monster of incredible power with the capacity for virtually limitless physical strength by absorbing and catalyzing radiation and other energy to magnify his extraordinary strength significantly above his standard. In addition to great strength, his transformed body possesses a high degree of resistance to physical injury due to impervious and extremely dense skin, muscle, and bone. Despite his humongous stature, Monster is very agile and fast, and once he begins to advance in a certain direction, it is almost impossible to halt his movement.

Real Name: Warren Pine
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Warren has an extremely accelerated metabolism that allows him to move and run at a supernatural speed of 770 mph which is just below sonic booms. While he has sufficient energy reserves that enable him to run at this average speed for an unknown amount of hours and his body is adapted towards most of the rigors of high-speed running, his power is not without any ill effects however. To compensate the friction at high speed travel he needs a special frictionless costume and a ventilatory support that helps him to breath.

Real Name: Dylan Cassidy
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Dylan is able to read thoughts, project and broadcast his own thoughts, as well as affect the minds of humans and animals with higher order intelligence (such as dolphins, ravens or dogs). Additionally he can project a psychokinetic energy that enables him to levitate objects, propel or manipulate them however he wishes, lift himself and move through the air to simulate flight, stimulate individual molecules to create heat, generate concussive force as blasts or bursts, and create protective shields.

Real Name: Jordan Ridley
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Jordan is able to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms, thereby lowering temperature, and capable to generate and project snow. Using a combination of cold, winds and snow he can create blizzards of varying power and even manipulate water into a solid frozen state as an ice armor around his body. One side effect of his powers is that he can give off a bright flash of blinding white light that effectively leaves his opponents temporary snow-blind.

Real Name: Harrison Hurt
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Harrison can create teleportational “wormholes” from one location to another which can be used for both observation and transport of yet to be determined amount of mass. As a skilled strategist/tactician Harrison can also use his portals offensively and quite powerful as a spatial attack and to enhance his movement speed and distance coverage or instantly acccess various items like weapons in a faraway storage. While his warp tunnels normally just traverse space, they can also cut across time when Harrisons powers are strikingly increased by Leecher. When this happens, he can even travel between different dimensions and universes and cross over different planes of existence or travel across various forms of reality.

Real Name: Flynn Bowen
Affiliations: 1st Special Forces Operational Metahuman Enforcement Group (Airborne), U.S. Army
Powers: Flynn can generate nuclear radiation that can be used to melt objects, release electromagnetic pulses to disrupt technology and even lead up to the point where he can cause nuclear explosions of varying force. With immense focus this ability can also allow him to influence the strong force which holds together atomic nuclei, and to make objects disintegrate through direct contact or make protons/neutrons from the environment temporarily incorporate into chemical elements and vice versa. But in order to prevent a catastrophe, Harrison has to stay very focused the whole time he uses his powers in such a higher degree.