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Mad Jack

Okay – here some new stuff (click picture to see a detailed view):


(KWAKU) ANANSE – The devious trickster from Africa. Is he hero or villain? Sometimes both…

ANGSTROM (Ã…ngström) – Capable to generate and manipulate energy like i.e. different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, light, x-rays and many more…

KRAKEN – The human squid. Look out for his hugs!

SHORTCUT – Teleporter, who can open portals between different places. (thx to FRM for the pose)



Z’KADA – An insectoid race from outer space. Together with the Thr’mk and the Draq they make a perfect team called “The Harvesters” to conquer worlds and enslave its population, while they accomplish the predatory exploitation of the planets resources.

DRAQ – A reptilian lifeform. Part of the Harvester-Trinity…

DANFA – An amphibian tribe whose planet was obliterated by “The Harvesters”. The survivors were integrated in their cluster as a caste of slaves.

ALIENSLAVE (revised) – Victim of “The Harvesters”

DK-F135Z – One of thousands of Technozombies created by “The Harvesters” as soldier-drones.

OUTLANDER – Emissary of an unknown alien species send to earth to monitor the proper use of the salvaged alien technology by humans after they defeated and dislodged “The Harvesters”. He has the ability to generate an unidentified form of energy and form them into solid constructs of all kinds. It is unbeknownst if this power comes from the hight-tech armor he wears of from himself.



After “The Walker” mysteriously left, some people who he touched started to develop superpowers. They formed a resistance and are in vanguard, when the guerillas strike against their alien oppressors.

ARANHA – The former brasilian supermodel Ana Moreira possesses the proportionate powers of a spider and don’t like to show her face since her mutation. (thx to Kaldath for the pose)

ARCTICA – Former supermodel Ingrid Iskallson from Sweden has the cryogenetic ability to lower her external and internal body temperature, projecting intense coldness from her body. (thx to AMS for the pose)

GUNN – The Ex-Marine and combat veteran Mike Gunn can generate psychokinetic highly explosive energy and is able to loose them, among other things, as bullet-like blasts from his fingers. (thx to prswirve for the pose and FRM for the hands)

HARRIER – Harry Lynch owns a set of huge bird-like wings which provides him with the ability to fly at a speed of approximately 155 mph. Furthermore he can mentally communicate with birds and “see” through their eyes. (thx to AMS for the pose)

LEVIN – The living lightning Eli Levinson can generate raw electricity with an output of 1.21 Giga-Watt at up to 200,000 Ampere and is able to control and manipulate any source of electricity. He can charge devices with electricity, but also drain the energy from them into himself. (thx to Blue Blazer for the inspiration with “Angstrom” and “Sparkman”)

METALHEAD – Former Roadie Eddie Young has comprehensive magnetic control over all forms of ferrous metal and utilizes his power mainly to build complex machines and to enhance his own combat skills. (thx to AMS for the pose)

PORTER – John Porter creates teleportational “gateways”, which can traverse both time (limited) and space (unlimited) and can be used for both observation and transport. The limits of how much mass he can transport is yet unknown, but too much weakens him badly. In addition he is a sharpshooter, so watch what he can do with gateways and bullets… (thx to AMS for the pose)

PSYCH – Little is known about the man called Peter Sycamore, since he doesn’t talk. But who needs to talk, if he is a telepath? He communicates with others through (hopefully nice) pictures in their heads and is able to telekinetically move, levitate, control, and manipulate solid matter, people, and inanimate objects with a mere thought. (thx to AMS – I think – for the pose)

VELOX – As a speedster Vinnie Lowell is capable of running faster than the speed of sound at Mach 2 (1,491 miles per hour) for an amount of 5 hours before reducing his speed to replenish his body’s store of energy. He is also surrounded by some sort of aura, which protects him from the harsh conditions associated with mach speeds. (thx to AMS for the pose and to Scatman for the inspiration with “D-Hazard”)