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Mad Jack

I suppose it doesn’t make much sense to post my marvel/dc-amalgam-characters after the removal of “Union Jack” …

Well then let’s stick to my own:

A man with no memory and only known under the name “Walker” is uncontrolled hurled back- and forward through time to places of special historical significance and needs to try and prevent a disaster in our time that obliterates the civilization and half of all people living and at the same time find out who he is, what makes him a time traveler, and why some people suddenly develop strange abilities when they are around him …
“The Walker”


A man wakes up stark naked and without memories in a dirty, run-down alley in New York.

Having wrapped up in a few rags from a Dumpster, he leaves the lane and meets a post-apocalyptic scenery. All of Manhattan is in ruins, the few skyscrapers that have not collapsed are on fire and in the distance you can see that the Statue of Liberty is broken in the middle and from the upper part, only the head and the torch project partially from the water.

While he is stunned motionless he is discovered by odd looking “men” dressed in what looks like space suits out of a sci-fi movie. At the same time as they call him something in a harsh, guttral language he doesn’t recognize, the manhole cover in front of him is opened and several hands in ragged clothes drag him into the hole.

Shortly thereafter, he is led by three hooded people through the sewer to an underground room filled with a ragtag bunch of adults and young people of all ages which are in a poor condition and have apparently found refuge from pursuers here.

From men who have taken him, he learns that these were the last free people in the city and that they were just looking for more survivors when they found him and brought him to safety.

They tell the newcomer the story about the first contact of mankind with aliens that attacked earth on December 21, 2012 and managed to conquer it within a day, which wiped out half of humanity while the other half were enslaved.

Shortly after he has processed this information, the air around the man begins to shimmer, the air pressure drops off rapidly and the lights begin to flicker. At the same moment as a shrill indefinable screeching starts the contours of the man begin to blur and before the bystanders can do something he vanishes into thin air before leaving behind just a vacuum in the air that dissolves with a strong blast which throws the people against the walls.

Some time after his disappearance some people who were close to him, start to develop strange powers …


A man wakes up in rags staring with dirt somewhere in the desert of New Mexico. Following the lights in the distance he reaches a small town in the middle of the night, where he finds a stack of newspapers in front of a kiosk, which put him a shock.

The name of the newspaper is “Roswell Daily Record” and directly below the date of July 8, 1947 the headline states in bold letters “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region” …

(… to be continued on my website)

“The Walker” with background